A great starting point for any music lesson is always scales! Having a solid scale routine will encourage your students to play in tune, with a quality tone, and go a long way assisting them in their knowledge of key signatures. Scales are also just a great way to get your fingers moving and get your mind into "the zone" for a focused and productive lesson. Below are free printable cello scales and arpeggios for any cello student. I would also suggest that you encourage your students to memorize these over time and be able to play them by memory on demand. 


Practice logs are an excellent way for students to keep track of their practice, set weekly goals, and measure their progress. They are also a helpful tool for teachers. The teacher can use the practice log as a reminder of what was covered in the previous lesson and to keep everyone on track. Below is a free printable practice log that you and your students may find helpful! 

Practice Log
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