The Gigging Cellist

I have had the privilege of working as a gigging Cellist for many years, as have countless other cellists. There are some basic unwritten rules that can set the tone for a successful gig and a positive reputation amongst your colleagues. For the young musician just starting out and just beginning to work professional gigs, some of these unwritten rules may have not been explained or expressed, yet they are still expected. And, if not adhered to, the young musician can give the impression that they are unprofessional, even though they really are not. The following list of unwritten rules of gig etiquette may help any young musician entering the world of gigging!

Gig Etiquette: Arriving on Time

There is a phrase that was a favorite of one of my high school music teachers and definitely worthy of passing along to the next generation of musicians: "Early is On Time, On Time is Late, Late is UNACCEPTABLE!" In a perfect world, no one would ever be late, but the fact is that life happens to everyone, and sometime you may find yourself on the way to a gig only to get held up by an unexpected train or traffic accident. But, for the most part, it is extremely important to be known amongst your colleagues as an early and prompt musician. There are a few specific factors to consider to make sure that you arrive on time, at least most of the time.

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Gig Etiquette: Dress for Success!

Never underestimate the meaning of the saying "Dress for Success!" Whether you are getting ready to play for your first ever gig, or you have been gigging for many years, it's always important to remember the basic guidelines for proper attire. You will look professional as soon as you walk in the door, and clients and contractors will be eager to hire you, again and again! Take a quick look at this list and make sure you're checking as many boxes as possible! 

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Tablets and Foot Pedals

Musicians have used paper sheet music since the beginning of sheet music. Gigging musicians have always dealt with the time-consuming task of putting folders together for each gig, printing, copying and hole-punching endless sheets, then making sure everything is in just the right coordinated order for each folder. But, with the progression of technology, the sheet music tides are shifting into a completely new direction with the use of tablets and foot pedals. Some musicians love it, done musicians hate it, and some are not quite sure how to even approach it, but the fact is that more and more gig contractors are defaulting to this new method, and the more familiar and prepared you are as a musician, the more current you will be in the ever-changing gig world! This blog will explore this new terrain in the music world and hopefully serve to enlighten you if you are still uncertain about this new gigging technology. 

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