Gig Etiquette: Dress for Success!

Published on 21 January 2024 at 11:45

Never underestimate the meaning of the saying "Dress for Success!" Whether you are getting ready to play for your first ever gig, or you have been gigging for many years, it's always important to remember the basic guidelines for proper attire. You will look professional as soon as you walk in the door, and clients and contractors will be eager to hire you, again and again! Take a quick look at this list and make sure you're checking as many boxes as possible! 

  • All gigs have some sort of dress code, but MOST gigs will traditionally require ALL BLACK. This means nice black (dress slacks, dress shirts, dress shoes). This does NOT include anything gray or dark blue, anything too casual, like a T-shirt, jeans or tennis shoes or flip flops, even if they are black, or anything with logos or phrases printed on them. 
  • Make sure that your gig clothes are in good shape (no holes that shouldn't be there and no black clothes that have faded to gray, etc).
  • Make sure that your gig clothes are professional and appropriate (no mini skirts, especially for the lady cellists out there, nothing too low cut in the front, etc).
  • Some gigs will require formal attire. If you are asked to dress in formal wear, it is usually tuxedo or at least black tie for men and floor-length gowns for ladies. A gigging musician is very wise to invest in one or two nice formal performance/gig outfits. The clothes will pay for themselves over time because you will be able to use them over and over again and you will happily be able to accept gig offers that require that attire! Musicians also don't have to invest a lot of money into formal attire. Sometimes you can find very economic options on a clearance rack or even at your local thrift store!
  • Especially for Lady Cellists: I struggled as a cellist for years trying to find the perfect black formal gown for gigging, only to discover that most options were too tight in the legs, too low cut to be appropriate and professional, or just too glittery and flashy. Then, it came to me! Choral dresses!! I ordered two black choral dresses online, one for the warmer months and one for the colder months. They are floor-length, satin/velvet, basic black, loose in the legs, professional-looking and easy to wash and dry in my machines! They have already provided years of service and I am looking forward to many more to come! If you are a lady cellist looking for the perfect cello dress, I would suggest this website...

I hope this is helpful info to all you gigging musicians out there! If you have anything to add to this blog, please leave a comment, below! 

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